Read About the Charter Boat and Meet the Crew

50' Custom Hatteras Charter Fishing Boat
Cruises comfortably at 25 knots.
Capacity is 6 passengers per Coast Guard regulations
Configured for 3 or 4 fighting chairs
Penn International Reels, ranging from 20 lb. to 130 lb.

charter fishing boat

The Tuna Duck is a 50' custom built Cape Hatteras charter fishing boat, designed specifically for fishing the offshore waters off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The Tuna Duck was built in 1985 by Captain Buddy Cannady of Manteo, North Carolina. She was launched in April '85 and purchased in October of that year by Capt. Jerry Shepherd, the sole owner until 2007 when Capt. Dan Rooks joined Jerry as co-owner. Capt. Rooks has been her captain since that time.

In the contiuing quest to offer a quality charter service, we are upgrading. Sound down acoustic insulation and climate control,will offer added comfort for our passengers . Pictured, Josh starting modifications for A/C installation.


Cannot mistake that Carolina flare:
North Carolina Flare

The cockpit is roomy enough for 6 anglers to fish quite comfortably. It is configured with 2 fiberglass sailfish chairs and a Scopinich Bluefin Unlimited fighting chair.

The heated salon has 2 large bench seats with thick cushions that encompass the entire starboard and port sides. There is plenty of room for coolers and other gear.

view of benches in boat salon

interior of fishing boat salon

The head and V-berths are below.

V-Berths on Tuna Duck

Why the name "Tuna Duck"?

Coreys Shearwater Ocean Bird

The boat was named for the Cory's shearwater gull which is often seen feeding over schools of tunas. Captain Shepherd, who loves ducks and is quite a bird watcher, began calling them "tuna ducks". When he got his boat, he wanted an unusual name that everyone would remember. Hence the name Tuna Duck.

Captain: Dan Rooks

Captain Dan Rooks

Full Owner and Captain, Dan Rooks has well over 20 years' experience and is a veteran of east coast tournaments. He has been the captain full time since the fall of 2001 and knows the boat well since he previously served as mate on the "Duck" for over 10 years.

Contact Captain Rooks at
252-995-3076 or 252-216-6160 to book a trip.

Mate: Sam Petry

Mate Sam Petry

First mate, Sam Petry, joined the Tuna Duck team spring of 2015. Educated in marine biology, Sam is a lifelong avid fisherman.

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