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view of ocean wake of Tuna Duck

The Gulf Stream Species We Target
Off the Outer Banks of North Carolina
During Each Season of the Year

What to Expect When You Go Offshore Charter Fishing off 
North Carolina's Outer Banks Aboard the "Tuna Duck"

October - March

During the cold months, a deep sea fishing charter off North Carolina can yield excellent catches of yellowfin tuna  drawing of a yellowfin tunaand bluefin tuna, drawing of a bluefin tunaalong with the fiesty fighter and extremely tasty fish called wahoo drawing of a wahoo.  Another fun-to-catch fish is the king mackerel drawing of a king mackerel. It makes a great smoked fish dip and is a good fighter.

An angler aboard an offshore charter October - March can look forward to filling his or her freezer with yellowfin; catches of 2 to 3 hundred pounds per day are not unusual. The solitary swimming wahoo will often add to that amount.

We expect to see bluefins show up around November and last through the middle of March. The Tuna Duck specializes in jigging and popping for bluefin. Anglers are welcome to bring their own gear for this particular fishery if they wish, but we have the necessary equipment on board as well. 

April - May

Cape Hatteras fishing charters in the early spring should bring catches of yellowfin, wahoo, and dolphin (mahi) drawing of a dolphin mahi fish. By this time, the blue marlins, drawing of a blue marlin white marlins, drawing of a white marlin and sailfish drawing of a sailfish should be showing up in the gulfstream deep sea fishing waters off Hatteras.

June - September

During the summer months, deep sea fishing charters can look forward to a wide variety of fish:
fish for the table: dolphin (mahi), scattered tuna, and wahoo and the excitement and thrill of catch and release: blue marlin, white marlin, and sailfish.