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mate cutting the leader on a blue marlin

Blue Marlin Fishing Charter Information
Aboard 'Tuna Duck'

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina was once called the world's blue marlin capital. With the advent of global recreational fishing, this, unfortunately, has proven to be no longer true. It is however still the best place to catch a blue marlin in the continental United States.

3oo lb. blue marlin on the leader a hooked and fighting blue marlin

Here's How and When We Fish For The Spectacular Blue Marlin

WHEN: Blue marlin can and have been caught off Cape Hatteras every month of the year, the very peak months being July and August, with May, June and September a close second. 

HOW: The preferred fishing methods for blue marlin off Hatteras, North Carolina are trolling large dead baits and big lures.

SIZE: The fish off Hatteras can be anywhere from 50 lb. babies to 1000 lb. giants, the average fish weighing between 200 and 500 lbs.

LIMIT: The blue marlin fishery is strictly catch and release fishing aboard the charter boat Tuna Duck.

large blue marlin in the water beside the Tuna Duck boat