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Cape Hatteras fishing charter displaying their catch of King Mackerel

King Mackerel Hatteras Charter Fishing
Aboard 'Tuna Duck'

One of the most popular fish on the coast of North Carolina is the king mackerel. This is because big fish are found near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in great numbers.

photo of king mackerel offshore of Hatteras NC deep sea angler holding a king mackerel in Tuna Duck cockpit

Charter Fishing For King Mackerel Off Hatteras, NC:

WHEN: King mackerel run in the spring and the fall and often throughout the winter. The larger fish are almost always caught in the fall and early winter.

HOW:The preferred method for catching king mackerel is to live bait menheden on trebble hooks with 12-20 lb. tackle. No fishing that we do is more exciting from a pure action stand-point. It can truly be fast and furious.

How Big Do King Mackerel Get and What's the Limit?

SIZE: Average size is 15-30 lbs., with 40 lbs. and up to 70 lbs. not uncommon.

LIMIT The king mackerel limit is 3 per person.