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fishing charter in cockpit holding a yellowfin tuna

Hatteras Charter Fishing 
For Dolphin (Mahi)
Aboard 'Tuna Duck'

Fishing for dolphin (mahi) off Hatteras, North Carolina is fantastic family fun in the summer months. The weather is usually beautiful and we have gorgeous uncrowded beaches. Dolphin fish are highly sought after, free swimming food fish of the gulfstream. Another name for dolphin is mahi.

WHEN: In late April we start seeing gaffer dolphins in the 15-20 lb. range. May brings the really large dolphins, 25+ pounds, as well as large schools of bailer dolphins. Large and small dolphin fishing remains excellent through the entire summer into the early fall.

HOW: We often catch dolphins in schools, fishing from a drifting boat using light tackle. This method is extremely popular with families, since even the smallest child can excel at this type of fishing. Most of the larger dolphins are caught on trolling baits on 20-50 lb. tackle often while fishing for marlin or other species.

mate displays bull dolphin onboard the Tuna Duck mahi on the gaff beside the boat

Details on Size and Catch Limits

SIZE: Off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina we catch dophins in good numbers ranging from small (bailer dolphins) weighing from 3-10 lbs. to large (gaffer) dolphins weighing from 10 to as much as 60 lbs.

LIMIT: The dolphin limit is 60 fish per boat per day.

Boy holding his catch of mahi happy Hatteras fishing charter has fun displaying their catch on the dock