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bluefin tuna gaffed

Bluefin Tuna: Ultimate Light Tackle Fight or Heavy Tackle Prize

Bluefin tuna are the ultimate catch and release heavy tackle test providing a spectacular show when striking baits. Since 1995 the TUNA DUCK has caught and released well over 500 bluefin tunas, tagging many of them to aid in research to find out more about these spectacular giants.

Specialistsis in Casting and Jigging and Popping for Bluefin Tunas on Light Tackle:
If you would like to try your hand at this excitiing method, give us a call. We are experienced in this fishery and are set up to provide the proper tackle and knowledge to make fishing for giant bluefin tunas on light tackle a success.

bluefin tuna fisherman holds his catch on his lap mate wiring a bluefin tuna

WHEN: We begin fishing for bluefins in November and continue through early to mid March. We are often asked about the "best" time to come bluefin fishing. Once the fleet locates the fish early in the season, any time is a good time! We invite you to call us for further information on this truly exciting fishery! In addition to bluefins, at this time of year there are yellowfin tunas to be caught as well as king mackerel.

HOW: Because bluefins act differently every season, the techniques vary. The most standard procedure is trolling 2 to 4 lines with 80 lb. tackle until the school of fish is located. Often it is possible after a fish is hooked to stop the boat and chunk menheden to keep the school around the boat. Although this method produced tremendous numbers of fish in the middle to late 90's , over the last few seasons the majority of the fish caught have been caught trolling. We provide 130 lb. outfits because many of the fish are over the size limit that can be kept and we feel that heavier tackle gives them a better opportunity of survival after release. However, many of our customers prefer to bring their own lighter tackle. (See the jigging and popping for bluefin info at the top of this page.)

Bluefin Size, Limits, Regulations, and Bait Balls!

SIZE: Bluefin tunas range in size from 100 to 700+ lbs.

Regulations allow us to retain 1 bluefin per boat per day if it is over 46 inches and under 73 inches.

The picture below was taken aboard the Tuna Duck while bluefin fishing several years ago. Giant bluefin tunas in their feeding frenzy, chasing bait fish, cause the desperate fish to gather into a tightly packed school in a futile attempt to save themselves. This phenomenon is known as "balling bait". 

bluefin tunas balling bait angler fishing for bluefin tunas on light stand up tackle